Luyện game phản pháo những câu hỏi "kém tinh tế" ngày Tết

 "sao không đưa người yêu về?"


Every year in the runup to the Lunar New Year, young Chinese across the country mentally prepare (chuẩn bị tinh thần) themselves for the questions they will surely receive when they return home for their family reunions (sum họp gia đình). 

From queries about salaries (lương) to quizzing on marriage plans (kế hoạch kết hôn), the unavoidable interactions (tương tác không tránh được) with nosy (tọc mạch) aunties and uncles can instill fear like no other, and has even prompted (đề xuất) some to cut ties with the worst offenders (người có lỗi). 

But this year, a new AI-powered game is offering users a better way to mentally prepare for the daunting occasion. 

The game, called “Epic Showdown: New Year Reunion,” allows users to converse (trò chuyện) with virtual relatives (họ hàng ảo) on a range of topics that often come up during awkward family reunions. 

With just a few days left until the Lunar New Year, the game has exploded (bùng nổ) in popularity, amassing (đạt được) more than 1 million users since its launch (phát hành) in late January. As of Monday afternoon, the game is inaccessible (không thể tiếp cận) due to technical issues caused by excessive traffic, the developer said.

In the game, users must field (đáp trả) questions from eight aunties and uncles one by one at a virtual family reunion. Users can progress to the next relative by fielding their personal questions without provoking (kích động) an angry response. The closer the relative, the harsher they are, with the game’s final bosses being the parents themselves. 

The game is the latest AI-powered chatbot from China to have familial ties (quan hệ gia đình) as its focus. In recent months, chatbots mimicking (bắt chước) arguments between romantic partners and conversations with departed loved ones have become popular while also causing controversy.

source: Sixth Tone, 

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