Hành trình giảm cân của Giả Linh trong phim mới gây tranh cãi

 danh hài Giả Linh giảm gần 50kg trong bộ phim điện ảnh mới nhất là Yolo (Tạm dịch: Cay nóng hôi hổi). Nhiều nhà phê bình lo sợ hành trình giảm cân của cô sẽ gây ra nhiều tác động tiêu cực hơn tích cực.  


Imagine if Greta Gerwig declared (tuyên bố) she was not just casting herself to star in her next film, but also planning to lose (giảm cân) upwards of 100 pounds to play the role.

A similar scenario (kịch bản) has played out in China over the past few weeks, as Jia Ling, the actor-director behind the massive 2021 blockbuster (phim ăn khách) “Hi, Mom,” shared her story of losing 110 pounds to make her latest film, “Yolo.”

The film, which takes its English name from the phrase “you only live once,” centers on a reclusive (ẩn dật) woman, played by Jia, who takes up boxing after feeling disconnected (mất kết nối) from society. But while Jia has emphasized (nhấn mạnh) that the film is not about weight loss or makeovers (lột xác), talk of Jia’s physical transformation (biến đổi) dominated (chiếm ưu thế) discussions of the movie after its release (phát hành) late last week, with “Jia Ling lost 110 pounds,” “Jia Ling’s abs (cơ bụng),” and “Jia Ling is really shocking” all trending on social media platform Weibo as critics accused her of promoting “body image anxiety (lo lắng).”

In response, Jia has defended (bảo vệ) her decision to lose the weight, saying she had not intended to promote any particular body type, but to show her character’s mental and physical transformation. “I hope that the audience sees that she has become stronger, not just thinner,” Jia said in an interview with Chinese media Saturday.

It’s not unusual for professional (chuyên nghiệp) actors to lose or gain weight for roles, but there are few examples of female actors undertaking such a radical (căn bản) transformation in China. According to Jia, who said she started by gaining 44 pounds to make the eventual (cuối cùng) transformation seem more stark, she was motivated in part by the feeling that her previous physique had typecast (phân vai) her, limiting her options as an actor to “happy and carefree” women.

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