Nhà nguyện 500 năm tuổi với 438 tấm pin mặt trời tạo ra tranh cãi về kiến trúc

nhà nguyện King’s College ở Cambridge là một trong nhiều địa danh của Anh lắp đặt tấm pin mặt trời, làm hài lòng nhà vận động về khí hậu và khiến người theo chủ nghĩa truyền thống phẫn nộ

Clambering across the sloped roof of King’s College Chapel with the agility of an undergraduate, Toby Lucas, 56, pointed to where his craftsmen had welded solar panels (thợ thủ công hàn các tấm pin mặt trời) to an expanse of newly installed lead. It was the scariest part of the project, he said, because an errant spark could have ignited the 500-year-old timbers underneath, which hold up the roof of this English Gothic masterpiece (tuyệt tác).

The chapel came through the project unscorched and now stands at the heart of Cambridge University, no longer just a glorious relic (di tích huy hoàng) of the late-medieval period but also a cutting-edge symbol of the green-energy future. Its 438 photovoltaic panels, along with solar panels on the roofs of two nearby buildings, will supply a shade over five percent of the college’s electricity.

Other critics argued that the relatively small percentage of electricity generated did not justify the aesthetic cost. In a hint of a culture war, some suggested the solar panels were the kind of politically correct gesture typical of a progressive institution like King’s College, whose graduates include the economist John Maynard Keynes, the World War II code breaker Alan Turing and the novelist Zadie Smith.

After months on the roof, Mr. Lucas became a student of its ways. He pointed out peregrines (chỉ ra chim ưng) that alight on the chapel’s four corner towers to hunt. He noted how over centuries, visitors carved their initials in the stone wall along the spiral stairs leading to the roof. “Helen 2009,” reads a recent inscription.

Given that the chapel has stood for half a millennium (nửa thiên niên kỷ) — the product of a 70-year construction project under four kings: Henry VI, VII and VIII, plus Richard III — the furor over the solar panels will end up being at most a transitory distraction (phân tâm nhất thời).

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