Vụ sát hại kẻ đào ngũ người Nga làm dấy lên nỗi ám ảnh về đội tấn công

cái chết ở Tây Ban Nha của Maksim Kuzminov, phi công chuyển trực thăng và tài liệu bí mật cho Ukraine, làm dấy lên lo ngại rằng Điện Kremlin nhắm vào kẻ thù của mình

The men who killed Maksim Kuzminov wanted to send a message. This was obvious to investigators in Spain even before they discovered who he was. Not only did the killers shoot him six times in a parking garage in southern Spain, they ran over (cán qua) his body with their car.

They also left an important clue to their identity, according to investigators: shell casings (vỏ bọc) from 9-millimeter Makarov rounds, a standard ammunition of the former Communist bloc.

His killing in the seaside resort town of Villajoyosa last month has raised fears that Russia’s European spy networks continue to operate (mạng lưới gián điệp tiếp tục hoạt động) and are targeting enemies (nhắm vào kẻ thù) of the Kremlin, despite concerted efforts to dismantle them after Mr. Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022.

While no evidence of direct Kremlin involvement has emerged, Russia had made no secret of its desire to see Mr. Kuzminov dead. Weeks after his defection, the Kremlin’s signature Sunday evening news program ran a segment quoting fellow pilots and commandos from Russia’s military intelligence service vowing revenge (cơ quan tình báo quân đội thề sẽ trả thù).

It was a curious choice for someone so explicitly targeted by the Russian authorities for liquidation. The region is a well-known base of operation for Russian organized crime figures, some of whom maintain ties to the country’s intelligence services (duy trì mối quan hệ với các cơ quan tình báo của đất nước), the Spanish authorities say.

In 2020, the Spanish police arrested more than 20 people connected to Russian criminal groups, some of whom were operating out of Alicante, in the same province as Villajoyosa. The people were charged with laundering millions of dollars acquired through drug and human trafficking, extortion and contract killings (giết người theo hợp đồng), the Spanish authorities said.

In contrast with the great fanfare that accompanied Mr. Kuzminov’s defection, the Ukrainian authorities have been mostly quiet about the killing. Senior officials worry that it could dissuade others from following his example.

source: nytimes,

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