Nhiều người và công ty kiếm được hàng triệu USD từ cổ phiếu của Trump Media

giá trị thị trường của công ty truyền thông xã hội tăng vọt tạo ra vận may bất ngờ cho giám đốc điều hành và lợi nhuận lớn nhất dành cho cổ đông lớn nhất, cựu Tổng thống Trump

Shares of former President Donald J. Trump’s social media company continued to surge on Wednesday, extending the gains on its first official trading session (phiên giao dịch chính thức) on the Nasdaq the day before.

After another double-digit percentage gain (phần trăm tăng hai chữ số), the parent of Truth Social approached $9 billion in market value, a windfall for insiders awarded shares in the company.

The biggest beneficiary is Mr. Trump, the company’s largest shareholder, whose stake is worth more than $5 billion, on paper. No other shareholder comes close, according to regulatory filings, but many of Trump Media’s executives have seen their net worth swell this week, in some cases by many millions of dollars.

Major investors or institutions that own less than 5 percent of a public company are not required to disclose stock sales and purchases (công khai mua bán cổ phiếu), until 45 days after the end of a quarter. That means any major institutions that traded shares of Digital World or Trump Media over the past few weeks would not be required to publicly disclose their holdings until the middle of May.

At the end of December, the biggest institutional investor in shares of Digital World was Susquehanna International Group, the Wall Street trading firm owned by Jeffrey Yass, the billionaire investor and major Republican donor. His firm owned about 2 percent of Digital World’s shares at the end of last year.

source: nytimes,

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