Hội những người yêu gậy?

người đánh giá cao “thứ gì đó cơ bản như một cây gậy” chia sẻ sự nhiệt tình của họ thông qua tài khoản Instagram mới nổi

Stick Nation was born last summer, during a hiking trip to Arches National Park in Utah.

Boone Hogg, Logan Jugler and some friends were cracking jokes as they trekked toward Delicate Arch. From their free-associative silliness came the notion of reviewing a stick as yo

u might a sculpture or valuable antique.

Later, Mr. Hogg, 30, took out his phone and shot some video (quay một số video) of Mr. Jugler, also 30, as he mused on the qualities of a stick he had picked up from the ground. It seemed to be more interesting than the sticks nearby — it had the approximate shape of a handgun, for one thing — and Mr. Jugler found that, to his surprise, he had plenty to say about it (rất nhiều điều để bàn luận).

The creators and followers of Official Stick Reviews are not alone in their appreciation of these humble pieces of wood. The artist Patrick Dougherty has had a long career thanks mainly to the sculptures he has fashioned out of saplings (tạo hình từ cây non), sticks and twigs. And home décor websites are filled with tips on how to make attractive branches into adornments for the foyer or living room.

Mr. Hogg and Mr. Jugler have created T-shirts, bumper stickers and other Official Stick Reviews merchandise as they continue to develop lore around the concept of the stick aficionado. But they are making it up as they go along, just as they did on that hiking trip (chuyến đi leo núi).

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