Tucker Carlson kêu gọi Putin trả tự do cho nhà báo Mỹ

tổng thống Nga không tỏ ra cam kết sau khi ông Carlson hỏi về Evan Gershkovich, phóng viên của Wall Street Journal, người bị giam giữ tại nhà tù Moscow gần một năm

In an interview released on Thursday, Tucker Carlson urged President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to release an American reporter for The Wall Street Journal who has been held in a notorious (bị giam giữ tại nơi khét tiếng) Moscow prison for nearly a year.

Mr. Carlson’s appeal on behalf of the reporter, Evan Gershkovich, was only the second time that Mr. Putin directly addressed a case that has galvanized press freedom groups and strained diplomatic relations with the United States.

Large portions of the two-hour interview were taken up by Mr. Putin’s recounting hundreds of years of Russian history. But in the final minutes, Mr. Carlson asked, “as a sign of your decency,” if he “would be willing to release him to us and we’ll bring him back to the United States.” Mr. Carlson added: “This guy’s obviously not a spy. He’s a kid, and maybe he was breaking your law in some way, but he’s not a superspy (điệp viên), and everybody knows that.”

The Russian leader suggested that he wanted additional concessions from American officials before he would consider releasing Mr. Gershkovich. Mr. Putin suggested that he might be willing to trade the reporter for Vadim Krasikov, a Russian citizen sentenced to life in prison in Germany for the 2019 murder of a Chechen former separatist fighter (cựu chiến binh ly khai) in Berlin.

Last month, Mr. Gershkovich, who once worked for The New York Times as a news assistant, was ordered to stay in prison until at least March 30, the fourth time that his detention has been extended. The Russian authorities have indicated that they might be open to a prisoner swap for him, but only after a verdict in his case (phán quyết trong trường hợp của mình).

In December, Valerie Hopkins, a correspondent for The Times, asked Mr. Putin at a news conference about Mr. Gershkovich’s case. The Russian leader answered only vaguely. “We want to make a deal, but it should be mutually acceptable (chấp nhận lẫn nhau) to both sides,” he said, adding, “I hope we’ll find a solution.”

source: nytimes,

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