Nam rapper đi kèm 'drama' lại dính vào kiện tụng

nhân viên cũ kiện rapper trước đây được biết đến với cái tên Kanye West, tuyên bố về môi trường làm việc thù địch tại Yeezy, thương hiệu thời trang và Học viện Donda, trường tư thục của nam rapper

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Trevor Phillips, who says he was hired in November 2022, around the time a series of antisemitic remarks publicly made by Ye lost the artist his major-label record deal and put his businesses in jeopardy.

Phillips’s lawsuit claims that Ye made antisemitic comments (bình luận chống Do Thái) in front of staff members at Donda Academy, including, “the Jews are out to get me” and “the Jews are stealing all my money.” After Adidas ended its decade-long partnership with Ye over his public remarks, the lawsuit claimed, the rapper told Phillips: “The Jews are working with Adidas to freeze up my money to try and make me broke!”

The lawsuit took issue with Ye’s conduct at Donda Academy, the school he founded (sáng lập). It claims that Ye told two children enrolled there that “he wanted them to shave their heads and that he intended to put a jail at the school — and that they could be locked in cages.”

In a 2022 television interview, Ye said Donda Academy had more than 80 students and that its mission was “to be a performing arts school, to be a design school, an architecture school, a farming school, an automotive engineering school, a computer hardware and software school” as well as to “teach the Gospel.”

The suit said that Phillips’s daughter and younger brother attended the school (theo học tại trường), and that Phillips’s mother had helped him get the job there. The current status of Donda Academy, which has been named in other lawsuits brought by former employees, is unclear.

source: nytimes,

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