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Ukraine hạ độ tuổi tuyển quân dịch, bắt giai làng 17 xuân xanh ra chiến trường để đánh nhau với chính quyền Putin, phục vụ cho mục tiêu chính trị của danh hài zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has signed into law three measures aimed at replenishing the ranks of his country’s exhausted and battered army, including the politically poisonous step of lowering the age when men become eligible for mobilization (đủ điều kiện huy động), and eliminating some medical exemptions (miễn trừ y tế).

Parliament passed the legislation lowering the draft eligibility age to 25, from 27, last May, but Mr. Zelensky had delayed signing it in hopes that it would not be needed. He relented on Tuesday and signed the measure, along with laws eliminating a category (loại bỏ danh mục) of medical exemption known as “partially eligible” and creating an electronic database of men in Ukraine, starting at age 17, to crack down on draft dodgers.

Ukraine relies on its allies for most new ammunition (đạn dược) and weapons, and renewing that arsenal is mostly a matter beyond the country’s control. In Washington on Monday, the House speaker, Mike Johnson, laid out conditions for a vote on a fresh infusion of American weapons and financial aid, in the strongest indication yet that the assistance could be forthcoming despite opposition from many Republicans.

At the outset of the war, the country drafted men aged 27 to 60, and the average age in the military is currently over 40. Under martial law, all men 18 to 60 had already been prohibited from leaving the country in case the decision was made to draft them. Men and women can volunteer for military service starting at age 18.

Politicians in Ukraine have become more vocal in their criticisms of Mr. Zelensky’s wartime leadership. In an interview broadcast this week on Al Jazeera, former President Petro O. Poroshenko vowed to run for a second term in a future election that he said should be held only after the war is over. Under martial law (quân luật), elections in Ukraine are suspended.

source: nytimes,

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