"Lads’ mags" nghĩa là gì?

At its height, the title – set up in 1994 – was one of the leading players in the booming sector, commanding a six-figure readership. Photo credit: Daily Mail.

'Lads’ mags' nghĩa là tạp chí nhắm tới đối tượng là đàn ông, chủ yếu về thời trang, đồ công nghệ, và những bức ảnh các người mẫu thiếu vải (a magazine aimed at or appealing to men, focusing on fashion, gadgets, and often featuring scantily dressed women).

Ví dụ
Since as long as we can remember, traditional lads mags have released annual 'sexiest women' lists where they rate women on account of their looks.

She's been a mainstay of lads' mags for years but Katie Price has revealed a burning ambition to appear on the cover of a very different kind of publication – Horse & Hound.

It was one of the original lads' mags famed for its coverage of music and sport - and its shots of scantily-clad women. But the publishers of Loaded have announced the magazine is closing down after 21 years - and its April edition will be the last.

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