"On the ground" nghĩa là gì?

Part of my G20 Summit series. These reporters from CTV news network were on hand just gathering footage. Photo courtesy M M.

'On the ground' nghĩa là tại một nơi thú vị hay quan trọng (at a place that is exciting, interesting, or important) ví dụ, hiện trường, điểm nóng (đối với tác nghiệp báo chí); hoặc trong công chúng (among the general public) ví dụ, ý kiến, quan điểm, chính sách (được sự ủng hộ); và đôi khi được dùng như một tính từ, lấp chỗ trống trong câu như "You know," or, "The thing of it is... ", nhằm thêm tác động cho một lời tuyên bố.

Ví dụ
A reporter who wanted to be on the ground when the story broke.
Their political ideas have a lot of support on the ground.

Only by creating facts on the ground can the Palestinians reverse the inexorable move to a one-state solution where they will be a majority but ruled by an Israeli minority. If that happens, the Palestinians will lose their country, and Israel will lose its soul.

These manuscripts (bản thảo, bản viết tay) have been examined on the ground, and in numerous instances full copies of affidavits and of important testimony have been made for permanent reference and study.

Australia's ability to take advantage of opportunities, he says, will depend on its ability to maintain its competitiveness through continued innovation and lowering costs. That won't be easy. But Australian businesses, governments and regulators all need to concentrate on how to deliver that on the ground – rather than on how to pursue flights of fancy (sự tưởng tượng).

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