"Fall on" nghĩa là gì?

The Battle of Prairie Dog Creek by Ralph Heinz. Photo courtesy The National Guard.

'Fall on' nghĩa là nhập trận, tấn công ác liệt/bất ngờ (attack fiercely or unexpectedly; assail, assault, fly at, set about, set upon; pounce upon, ambush, surprise, rush, storm, charge; jump, lay into, have a go at). Ngoài ra còn có nghĩa là trách nhiệm (của ai, rơi vào/đặt lên vai ai).

Ví dụ
The army fell on the besiegers (kẻ bao vây).

The cost of tuition should not fall on the student.

The fragmentation (tan thành từng mảnh) of Central Europe was perceived by Richelieu as a political and military necessity. The basic threat to France was strategic, not metaphysical (lý thuyết, siêu hình, trừu tượng) or religious: a united Central Europe would be in a position to dominate (thống trị) the rest of the Continent. Hence it was in France’s national interest to prevent the consolidation (hợp nhất) of Central Europe: “If the [Protestant] party is entirely ruined, the brunt (gánh nặng chủ yếu, sức mạnh chính) of the power of the House of Austria will fall on France.” France, by supporting a plethora of small states in Central Europe and weakening Austria, achieved its strategic objective.

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