"Battle cry" nghĩa là gì?

Confederate Flag and Memorial -- State Capitol Grounds Columbia. Photo courtesy Ron Cogswell.

'Battle cry' là từ hay cụm từ mà các binh sĩ hô to khi xông vào chiến trường để thể hiện tình đoàn kết và đe dọa kẻ địch (a word or phrase shouted by soldiers going into battle to express solidarity and intimidate the enemy; war cry/whoop, rallying call/cry, rebel yell), tiếng hô xung trận/xung phong.

Ví dụ
Charles Koch sounds battle cry in the fight for a ‘truly free society’.

At Confederate convention, removal of flag is a battle cry, rather than a defeat.

Ben Stokes issues battle cry to team-mates as England bid to ‘survive 150 overs’ against Australia on Sunday.

In the world of geopolitics (địa chính trị), the order (trật tự) established and proclaimed as universal by the Western countries stands at a turning point. Its nostrums (giải pháp đơn giản) are understood globally, but there is no consensus about their application; indeed, concepts such as democracy, human rights, and international law are given such divergent interpretations that warring parties regularly invoke them against each other as battle cries.

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