"Cow towns" nghĩa là gì?

Chuyện xảy ra ở một thị trấn xa xôi. Photo courtesy Conor Lawless.

'Cow towns' nghĩa là thị trấn xa xôi, biệt lập (a small, isolated, or unsophisticated town; a town or city in a cattle-raising area of western North America).

Ví dụ
“With the arrival of Route 66, coffee shops and truck stops replaced the saloons and cattle yards of boisterous (náo nhiệt, huyên náo, ầm ĩ) cow towns, and motel and service stations replaced the hotels and blacksmith shops of territorial-era farm towns,” Hinckley stated in his book, “Ghost Towns of Route 66.”

This goal includes producing a set of lessons and teaching tools offered free to schools and applicable in urban, suburban, and rural classrooms. “I need a curriculum that will thrive in Northwest Idaho,” Acheson says, meaning that college towns and cow towns alike need to refocus on teaching life skills.

Colorful ads depicted fruit groves flourishing along its Great Plains tracks—fantastic claims that won the railroad the nickname of Jay Cooke’s Banana Republic. Cow towns were puffed up (quảng cáo láo, quảng cáo khuếch khoác) into vast metropolises (thủ phủ chính của một vùng), and Duluth, Minnesota, was trumpeted (công bố, loan báo) to European immigrants as the “Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas.” When grain prices fell after the Franco-Prussian war, the fortunes of the Northern Pacific and other railroads fell along with them. Thus began Jay Cooke’s undoing.

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