"Loving cup" nghĩa là gì?

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'Loving cup' là chén rượu uống chung được dùng trong lễ cưới hay bữa tiệc, nó thường có 3 tay cầm, làm bằng kim loại và thường được trao như giải thưởng cho người thắng cuộc trong một cuộc thi đấu (a shared drinking container traditionally used at weddings and banquets. It usually has three handles and is often made of metal and are commonly given as trophies to winners of games or other competitions. They can be found all over Europe, examples include the Celtic quaich and the French coupe de mariage); ngoài ra còn có nghĩa là chén rượu thâm tình.

Ví dụ
The prices achieved for these iconic pieces of history reflect this - the Molly Brown loving cup is now the third most expensive Titanic artefact ever sold!

The Clothworkers’ Company, just around the corner, owns his octagonal carved-wood tobacco box, along with an extraordinarily ornate loving cup and huge silver-gilt dish that Pepys gave the company on becoming their Master.

On July 4, 1851, George Peabody hosted the first of his Independence Day dinners, featuring the elderly duke of Wellington as guest of honor. Beneath a portrait of Queen Victoria and a Gilbert Stuart of George Washington, the British minister in Washington and the American minister in London drained an oak loving cup and toasted the start of the Great Exhibition in London’s new Crystal Palace.

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