"Riverboat gambler" nghĩa là gì?

Let's roulette. Photo courtesy Sonny Side Up!.

'Riverboat gambler' nghĩa là người chơi bài liều lĩnh, con bạc liều mạng (alludes to one who takes undue risk, wagering on the outcomes of inconsequential events and activities either for money or out of compulsion).

Ví dụ
As special teams coach in Toronto, O'Shea built a reputation as a riverboat gambler.

Whether he played the role of riverboat gambler in his drastic (mạnh mẽ, quyết liệt) shuffling (thay đổi con bài, đổi chính sách) of the deck or he just played the hand he was dealt, head coach Kyle Flood pushed all the right buttons for the Rutgers football team last Saturday in the 31-21 win over Army at West Point.

Enter Junius, who decided to float a syndicated issue for France of £10 million, or $50 million. The French hoped that by using an American banker, they might also be better positioned to purchase American arms. The French loan showed that he hid a riverboat gambler’s flair (sự tinh, tài nhận thấy ngay (cái gì tốt, cái gì lợi)) behind the steely (cứng rắn, sắt đá) air (khí sắc, thái độ, diện mạo).

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