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Friday, April 17, 2015

"Hold one's own" nghĩa là gì?

Gen David Petraeus (centre) with President George W Bush, in Anbar province, Iraq. Photo credit: BBC/AFP.

'Hold one's own' có từ hold là giữ vững, trụ vững và own là tự mình; và vì thế có nghĩa là giữ vững, trụ vững, bền chí... trong một tình huống khó khăn (retain a position of strength in a challenging situation / stand firm, stand one's ground, keep one's end up, keep one's head above water, compete, survive, cope, get on/along).

Ví dụ
Developing countries must start to hold their own in world markets.

Lacking control also leads you to not having a plan for your life, finances, job and goals. It is a sure sign of the confusion (sự lộn xộn, hỗn loạn) you are in and if you get married in such a state, you will be the one to make both of you lose direction. Take time and plan for your life before settling down (ổn định cuộc sống, an cư lạc nghiệp). Your capability to do this and hold your own means you will also be able to do the same when you tie the knot (lập gia đình).

The most persuasive advocate (người tán thành, ủng hộ) of the surge (tăng quân) was General Petraeus. As the author of the Army’s counterinsurgency (chống nổi dậy) manual, he was the undisputed (không phải tranh cãi) authority on the strategy he would lead. His intellect, competitiveness, and work ethic were well known. On one of his visits home, I invited the general to mountain bike with me at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. He was mainly a runner, but he had enough confidence to accept the challenge. He held his own with the experienced riders of the presidential peloton (đội cua-rơ xe đạp).

Phạm Hạnh

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