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Monday, July 6, 2015

"Grind on" nghĩa là gì?

2016 Olympic flame. Photo courtesy Gwydion M. Williams.

'Grind on' có từ grind là công việc cực nhọc đều đều, cuộc đi bộ để tập luyện; cụm từ này có nghĩa là kéo dài lê thê (continue for a long time in a wearying or tedious way).

Ví dụ
Euro in wait-and-see mode as Greece talks grind on/Stocks slide as Grexit talks grind on; oil down nearly $1 a barrel.

America readies military option as Iranian nuclear talks grind on.

By the time representatives of the Holy Roman Empire and its two main adversaries (kẻ thù), France and Sweden, agreed in principle to convene a peace conference, the conflict had ground on for twenty-three years.

For almost every top US tennis player, the arrival of the grass court season use to be a welcome return to a cherished (được ưa thích) surface (mặt sân). Away from the two months’ grind on slow red (and occasionally green) clay, grass ushered in a chance for most Americans to return to a surface that favored their aggressive (hùng hổ, hung hăng), big offensive (tấn công) games.

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