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Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Make out like a bandit" nghĩa là gì?

Taylor Swift 2013 RED Tour. Photo courtesy Jana Beamer.

'Make out like a bandit' có từ bandit là kẻ cướp, tên cướp -> tạo ra như một tên cướp và nghĩa là thu được lợi lớn từ một hoạt động nào đó (profit greatly from an activity).

Ví dụ
Obama: Gun Manufacturers ‘Make out like bandits’ after mass shootings (xả súng bừa bãi).

Taylor Swift's acts get paid well, but the promoter can really make out like a bandit with all those extra revenue streams.

Jeb Bush’s tax plan axes taxes for pretty much everyone, but especially for really, really rich people. Including, coincidentally, Jeb Bush. The Republican presidential candidate would make out like a bandit under his own plan. According to my quick-and-dirty, back-of-the-envelope calculations based on Bush’s 2013 tax return, his liability for that year would have fallen by about $800,000, or about a quarter of what he paid Uncle Sam.

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