"Neither fish nor fowl" nghĩa là gì?

Rõ là cá vàng. Photo courtesy Anastasia R.

'Neither fish nor fowl' (chẳng phải cá cũng chẳng phải gà) nghĩa là một vật/điều không có đặc điểm cụ thể, không thể xếp vào hạng/loại nào được cả (not one or the other, not something fitting any category under discussion); không đáng giá(?).

Ví dụ
Winifred is neither fish nor fowl, and most definitely needs a rewrite for future success.

Neither fish nor fowl, Trump focuses on technique, promising to take what has already been done but to do it better.

They were neither fish nor fowl as an old school company, or as a modern SaaS company, so we saw that as the target to take down.

State-owned companies, as parastatals are now called, are neither fish nor fowl. They are answerable to political masters, but responsible for their own balance sheets.

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