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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Be in for a treat" nghĩa là gì?

Marvel's Avengers. Photo credit:

'Be in for a treat' nghĩa là chắc chắn nhận được hay trải nghiệm điều gì đó vui thích mà không ngờ tới (to be guaranteed to receive or experience something unexpectedly pleasant or beneficial).

Ví dụ
K Michelle Shares Her Latest Single 'Time': Known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, I'm sure the album will be no different and her fans are set to be in for a treat.

Glasgow’s Marvel fans are set to be in for a treat when the comic brand’s biggest heroes (anh hùng) and villains (kẻ hung ác, tên côn đồ) are brought to life for a spectacular live action family arena show early next year.

Microsoft HoloLens Preorders Start: It’s only the beginning, but with these initial apps, Microsoft will be looking to inspire (truyền cảm hứng) developers (nhà phát triển phần mềm) to come up with (tìm ra) their own unique (độc đáo) ideas (ý tưởng). Wider availability has yet to be announced, but users will be in for a treat if third-party apps surpass Microsoft’s initial demonstrations.

Phạm Hạnh

"Go down a treat" nghĩa là gì?

Weird treat. Photo courtesy extraterila.

Nếu điều gì đó 'go down a treat' có nghĩa là điều đó là thành công lớn và mọi người thích thú với nó (if something goes down a treat, it's a great success and everyone enjoys it).

Ví dụ
The speech Lenny made at his daughter's wedding went down a treat. Everyone thought it was very funny but also very moving.

Before kids grow up and have the funds to buy flowers or presents themselves, the fruits of a secret weekend craft session with an adult are sure to go down a treat.

It doesn’t have the awesomeness of the first song, which contained lines of lyrical genius, such as “He’s flat to the mat with his black cap” and the simple but elegant “He’s amazing”, but it should still go down a treat at the inevitable victory rally this day week.

Phạm Hạnh

Nổi tiếng nhờ bán bánh

ở Đài Loan, bánh hình penis :), click xem hình.
The Malaysian market trader was hoping to ride on the wave of popularity in Taiwan for the tasty todger (tiếng lóng chỉ dương vật) shaped snacks.

People there have been noshing (ăn quà vặt) them like there is no tomorrow (như không có ngày mai, sốt sắng, háo hức).

But instead of going down a treat (thành công, mọi người thích thú), the generously sized saucy morsels (miếng, mẩu) have been a massive flop (thất bại).

This is because community big wigs (tai to mặt lớn) got the willies (cái chim, từ trẻ con hay dùng) about the morality (đạo đức) of them.

They argued the saucy manhood munchies clashed with the market's "family-friendly" vibe.

Outraged, they took their complaint to the local council whose officials ruled in their favour, concluding that only souvenirs and "small snacks" could be sold.

Sóng âm-liệu pháp thay thế Viagra

dùng viagra vừa có tác dụng phụ, vừa phải lên kế hoạch trước hàng tiếng,

giờ đây, niềm hi vọng mới đang được thắp lên cho cánh mày râu, sóng âm :)

Viagra and similar drugs work by increasing blood flow (lưu lượng máu) to the penis (dương vật), but men who use them have to plan sex around the drugs, and side effects can include headaches (đau đầu), dizziness (chóng mặt), nasal (mũi) congestion (tắc nghẽn) and sudden hearing loss. An alternative, called extra-corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), could provide a longer-term solution,

One study of ESWT involved 112 men with erectile dysfunction. Half received five weekly doses of low-intensity sound waves directed at six sites along their penis. The other half received a placebo (giả dược). At the start of the study, none of the men were able to have penetrative sex without medication. By the end, 57 per cent of the treated men said they were having intercourse (giao hợp), compared with 9 per cent of the men who received the placebo.

The treatment seems to increase blood flow to the penis by encouraging the growth of new blood vessels,

Người Mỹ vui đùa trong tuyết trắng

không biết bạn sinh viên nào đã quên lanh, đắp hình... một cái CU khổng lồ ở sân trường đại học :D
The University of Michigan continued to struggle with its official position on sexuality, snow and freedom of expression (tự do biểu hiện) when a Hall Director reported a giant snow penis as a bias-incident. The confluence (chỗ hội lưu, sự hợp lưu) of these three much discussed topics was too much to go undocumented (không dựa vào tư liệu). The phallic (tượng dương vật, tượng trưng cho sức sinh sản của thiên nhiên) creation in question appeared outside of the Bursley residence hall on North Campus following the snow storm (bão tuyết) that blanketed  (phủ trắng) Ann Arbor earlier in the day.

Bias-incidents, according to the Student Life Website, are “incidents that make people feel targeted because of their social identity group membership.”

...Based on this definition, it is unclear if the bias incident report was generated because of the perceived white male privilege displayed by the pearly member rising out up from the ground or because of inadequate sex representation as no efforts had been made to create a snow vagina (âm đạo bằng tuyết). It is also possible that the white penis was targeted symbolically, as the university was unable to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos’ visit to the school the evening before... 

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