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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Money makes the mare go" nghĩa là gì?

Photo credit: newindianexpress.

'Money makes the mare go' (tiền cũng khiến con lừa phải chạy) nghĩa là có tiền mua tiên cũng được.

Ví dụ
“In the stock market, as with horse racing, money makes the mare go,” Martin Zweig wrote. “Monetary conditions exert enormous influence on stock prices. Indeed, the monetary climate – primarily the trend in interest rates and Federal Reserve policy – is the dominant factor in determining the stock market’s major direction.”

Money makes the mare go, and it seems to have gone. From 2012 through 2014, overseas investment by Indians grew by an astonishing 700 per cent in the British Virgin Islands, a favourite tax haven (thiên đường thuế) for the biz pashas (tổng trấn) with the big bucks.

Presidential elections in the US are long drawn battles and it takes a mammoth amount of money to contest. In the world’s strongest democracy, money makes the mare go, rest stand no chance how influential they may be. Without money, you do not stand a chance to be visible.

Phạm Hạnh

Tiễn nhau lần cuối

một anh chàng ở Ma-rốc nghe tin vợ bị tai nạn, đến bệnh viện được bác sĩ nói cơ hội sống sót rất mong manh, trả toàn bộ tiền viện phí mà vợ vẫn không qua khỏi,

chôn cất tử tế thì 2 năm sau choáng váng vì thấy vợ xuất hiện trên truyền hình trong chương trình "tìm người thân",

-> chẳng hiểu người phụ nữ được chôn là ai chứ?

p/s: dịch vụ y tế nước này tồi tệ quá :D

Abragh Mohamed, from Azalil, Morocco, held a funeral (đám tang) for the woman he believed to be his wife following her death in a road accident (tai nạn xe hơi).

But two years later she popped up on popular TV show, Al Mujtafun (Desaparecidos), which translates as ‘Disappeared’, hoping for a reunion with her lost husband.

...At the time of the car crash, the woman believed to be Mohamed’s wife was taken to the Ibn Rochd hospital in Casablanca.

The family was told that the chance of her surviving was slim (mong manh), but they would still need to foot the bill (thanh toán hóa đơn viện phí) for her treatment.

While Mohamed was making the four-hour journey back to his village, she died. He then received her body wihch was already wrapped in a shroud (vải liệm) inside the coffin (quan tài)...

Kĩ thuật nuôi cá heo nước ngọt

để cá heo giảm stress, thích thú khi ăn, người nuôi đã "massage chân" cho chú cá heo này...

But investigators say the act isn’t a crime because it was part of a “breeding programme”.

The zoo has claimed the weird act is to “de-stress” the animals.

Keepers were also filmed saying that it was done to prevent the dolphins from having incestuous (loạn luân) relations (mối quan hệ).

They also claimed there were “gay” dolphins at the zoo that have sex with each other in their tanks.

Leonie Vestering, leader of animal party PvdD, pressed charges and accused the zoo of sexual abuse.

But officials are refusing to pursue a criminal case.

Váy đầm dạ hội nữ 2016 rẻ đẹp

làm bằng bao cao su, rất ấn tượng

giá của chiếc váy này là nếu không mặc thì hoặc có thai hoặc mắc bệnh truyền nhiễm :)
The Omaha group behind the in-your-face public health campaign on STDs is displaying prom dresses made of condoms at Crossroads Mall and at a Dundee clothing store.

The idea, according to the Adolescent Health Project, is to encourage safe sex (tình dục an toàn) on prom night (đêm dạ hội). The effort aims “to get people, particularly young people and parents, to talk about healthy sexual relations,” said Brenda Council, project coordinator of the campaign. “You see it, and it immediately grabs your attention.”

A “price tag” on the dresses points out the risks of unprotected sex: an STD or pregnancy.

Last year in Douglas County 3,507 people tested positive for chlamydia (bệnh lây qua đường tình dục gây viêm niệu đạo ở nam giới hoặc vô sinh), and there were 1,081 new gonorrhea (bệnh lậu) cases, according to the Douglas County Health Department.

Bài trước: Cám ơn Charlotte

Cám ơn Charlotte

anh bảo vệ ở Edinburgh bị mất "cậu nhỏ" trong một tai nạn khi chơi ném tuyết lúc 6 tuổi, được các bác sĩ cấy ghép "dương vật sinh học", có thể ấn nút ở tinh hoàn là cương lên được ngay, 

nhưng phải đến giờ đây ở tuổi 44 mới chính thức "mất tân" nhờ cô gái "lao động tình dục" Charlotte (cô thường lấy 160 bảng/giờ, nhưng đã miễn phí cho anh :)

Mohammed Abad has a £70,000 “bionic (mô phỏng sinh học) penis” and tested it for the first time with sex worker Charlotte Rose.

Mohammed, known as Mo, was lucky to survive after he was run over and dragged 600 yards when he fell into the road during a snowball fight (ném tuyết) aged six.

After the accident (tai nạn), doctors attached a makeshift (tạm thời) fleshy (có nhiều thịt, nạc) tube (ống), but it wasn’t until 2012 that the NHS was able to fit him with an 8in state-of-the art (mức phát triển cao nhất của khoa học kĩ thuật ở một giai đoạn nhất định, hiện đại, tân tiến) bionic penis.

It took surgeons at University College London three years to mould Mohammed’s new penis using skin taken from his arm. It has two tubes which inflate (bơm căng) to give him an erection (cương cứng) when he presses a button on his testicle (tinh hoàn).

But Mo had to wait to lose his virginity (tân, trinh trắng) because it has only recently become fully functioning. Charlotte, 35, got in touch with Mo after hearing about his plight and he asked her to be a part of his first sexual experience.

Cập nhật về bầu cử Tổng thống Mỹ 2016

Các bạn đừng nhìn tay rồi đánh giá tôi :D. Photo courtesy Michael Vadon.

sorry Donald Trump nhé, các nhà khoa học khẳng định rằng kích cỡ ngón tay liên quan đến cái ấy thật đấy, ngón tay ngắn, nhỏ thì... well, các bạn biết rồi đấy :)

The size of Trump’s manhood (tuổi trưởng thành, dũng khí, dương vật) has been a hot debate topic of late, ever since rival GOP contender Marco Rubio said that Trump’s small fingers (ngón tay nhỏ) mean he’s got a small something else.

It sounds like total junk (vô nghĩa, tạp nhạp bỏ đi) science, but there is a correlation (mối tương quan) between hand size and penis size (kích cỡ "cậu nhỏ") — it’s just not the correlation you’d expect.

According to a 2011 study in the Asian Journal of Andrology, guys with shorter index fingers than ring fingers are better endowed than guys with bigger index fingers.

The study was conducted on men who were hospitalized for urological surgery (phẫu thuật tiết niệu). While the men were knocked out, scientists — with consent, of course — measured their junk.

Prenatal (trước khi sinh đẻ) testosterone levels affect (ảnh hưởng) both penis size and finger length, the researchers note.

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