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Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Loaded question" nghĩa là gì?

Thi hoa hậu toàn câu hỏi khó. Photo courtesy Daniel Ramirez.

'Loaded question' có từ loaded là nặng nề, gay go; vì thế từ này nghĩa là một câu hỏi khó, câu hỏi bẫy (để khích ai nói ra điều mà họ không muốn nói); hỏi xoáy (đáp xoay).

Ví dụ
Washington School Superintendent Randy Dorn, who was caught on camera asking a loaded question about a student's immigration status, is now trying to explain.

If we are on the receiving end of a seemingly “loaded” question, we are responsible for how we interpret it and for being open to the possibility that it may have been intended differently.

Second question was a potentially loaded question about whether women should serve in combat roles in the armed services. Thing is, the question was addressed to a 26 year old Army commander in the reserves. Talk about a set up. Miss District of Columbia marched into the finals on the back of this question – ultimately winning.

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