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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Friendly fire" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Jonathan Kos-Read.

'Friendly fire' nghĩa là đạn pháo do chính nội bộ một đất nước công kích, chứ không phải từ kẻ địch, đôi khi gây ra thương vong (weapon fire coming from one's own side, especially fire that causes accidental injury or death to one's own forces).

Ví dụ
The duo are lucky to be alive after they were shot in “friendly fire” during the incident at the Pensioners’ Quarters on Thursday night.

According to his mother and service members who knew him, Pat Tillman—an NFL player who quit the league to fight in Afghanistan, where he was killed by friendly fire—was a Noam Chomsky reader who was critical of George W. Bush and felt the Iraq War was "illegal."

The story of the "Hell Train," as the disaster came to be called, has never been published. It took place in 2004, a time when the military was repeatedly exposed for heavy-handed public relations, including the false hero narratives Pentagon officials tried to spin around the rescue of Jessica Lynch in Iraq and the friendly-fire death of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.

Phạm Hạnh

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