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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Chỉ tại con chó đẻ

mà "tôi đang đi tiểu thì quần tụt xuống và để lộ d.... v.. trước mặt cô ta",

lời khai với cảnh sát của tội phạm tình dục khi bị cáo buộc đi theo nạn nhân, xem cô ta chơi đùa với bạn và... thủ dâm trong bụi cây... :D
Louisville Metro police were called to Lannan Memorial Park Thursday on a report of a man masturbating in the bushes. The victim also said the suspect was following them and watching them play.

When police arrived at the park they said a man matching the description, Robert McCoy, took off on his moped.

Officers stopped McCoy who told them he was urinating when his pants fell down and he was startled by a groundhog which caused him to expose his genitals to the victim.

Mỹ có thể áp thuế trừng phạt lên các sản phẩm thép Trung Quốc?

đánh thuế nhập khẩu thép đối với Tàu chẳng ích gì, Tàu chỉ đáp ứng 1% nhu cầu thép của Mỹ thôi (đứng thứ 10), Trump chỉ rhetoric vớ vẩn, các nhà sản xuất thép của Mỹ vẫn đợi Trump bump (thuế và quota thép across the board)...
Contrary to popular belief, the United States no longer buys much steel directly from China. In 2016, the top countries the United States imported steel from were Canada, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico, according to Commerce Department data. China was way down in 10th place for steel imports. It's one of the reasons Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has called the issue so "complex." Putting tariffs on China is one thing; putting them on long-time allies like Canada and South Korea is another.

Some experts say if Trump only puts a tariff on Chinese steel, it might not have much impact on prices. Out of all the steel the United States uses, China only supplies about 1 percent of it. On top of that, China is selling a lot less steel on world markets these days since it needs more steel at home...

"Tác dụng phụ" rất nghiêm trọng của cà phê

đó là nếu bạn là đàn ông và uống cafe ở Úc thì có thể phải trả 18% cao hơn so với phụ nữ (với cùng một đồ uống), ờ, nữ chủ quán muốn nêu cao tinh thần chống bất bình đẳng nam nữ đó mà... :D
Alex O’Brien who owns the Handsome Her eatery, is taking a stand against the country’s significant gender wage gap (chênh lệch mức lương nam-nữ). She’s doing this by levying an 18 percent “man tax” on her male customers, and also she’s giving her female customers seating priority (nữ được ưu tiên chỗ ngồi tốt). All of this comes in the wake of a recent government report warning that Australian women faced another 50 years of pay inequality “unless significant changes are made.” How to change? This business owner figures that making men pay more at her business is a start.

Cử tri hăng hái đi bầu cử

đến mức: cho nhau mượn con để không phải xếp hàng, lên trên hàng đầu luôn... :)
Kenyan officials are inking (đánh dấu bằng mực) the tiny fingers of babies who accompany their mothers in Tuesday's elections, cracking down on queue-jumpers who rent an infant to exploit a rule letting parents with young children skip long lines.

"Every mother who is coming with a kid, we mark the mother and also the kid," said Tabitha Muigai, the presiding officer at a polling station in central Nairobi's Starehe constituency. "(If) a mother comes with a baby we give them a notice that they are not supposed to give other mothers the same kid to come and get favors in the name of jumping the lines," she said.

The "babies-for-rent" scam was common in past Kenyan elections, often marked by delays and long queues. At Muigai's polling station, hundreds of Kenyans queued up around the block, keen to elect a new president, lawmakers and local representatives.

Khó xử khi đóng phim

ngành sân khấu, điện ảnh ngày càng thấy cần có vị trí 'đạo diễn thân mật' để quyết định những việc như "chạm vào đâu, hôn bao lâu"... :); không phải được hôn ở cảnh này thì nghiễm nhiên thoải mái hôn ở cảnh khác, không phải họ ngực trần với anh trên sân khấu, thì cũng sẽ thoải mái ngực trần với anh ở chỗ khác... ;)
…the theater and film industry are beginning to recognize the need for “intimacy directors,” people who specialize in choreographing (sáng tác và dàn dựng múa) onstage (trên sân khấu) intimacy (thân mật, hôn hít vuốt ve).

They are practitioners who use concrete guidelines (hướng dẫn thực hành) and techniques, such as the “four pillars” of intimacy direction, according to Alicia Rodis, a member of Intimacy Directors International.

Consent: Get the performers’ permission — including concrete boundaries and out of bounds body parts, and do it before you start.

Communication: Keep talking throughout the process. What’s working, what’s not, who’s touching who and how and do they feel safe.

Choreography: Performers wouldn’t spontaneously add an extra pirouette (thế xoay tròn trên đầu ngón chân) to a dance number or an extra kick to a fight scene. Don’t add an ass grab or extra kissing.

Context: Just because you kiss someone in one scene doesn’t mean you can kiss them in another scene without communicating about adjusting the choreography and seeking consent to do so. Just because someone is topless with you on stage, it doesn’t mean they won’t mind being topless around you offstage, or in another scene onstage.

Giấc mơ định cư Mỹ ngày càng khó khăn

phân loại hồ sơ nhập cư bằng phần mềm, thuật toán, xác định được khả năng của ứng viên đóng góp tích cực cho xã hội, cũng như cho lợi ích quốc gia, liệu có xu hướng phạm tội hay khủng bố sau khi vào nước Mỹ không, v.v...
ICE’s hope is that this privately developed software will help go far beyond matters of legality to matters of the heart. The system must “determine and evaluate an applicant’s probability of becoming a positively contributing member of society, as well as their ability to contribute to national interests (lợi ích quốc gia)” and predict “whether an applicant intends to commit criminal or terrorist (khủng bố) acts after entering the United States.” Using software to this end is certainly in line with Trump’s campaign rhetoric (hùng biện) — during a rally in Phoenix, he described how “extreme vetting” (xem xét chặt chẽ hồ sơ tới mức cực đoan) would make sure the U.S. only accepts “the right people,” using “ideological certification (chứng nhận ý thức hệ) to make sure that those we are admitting to our country share our values (có cùng giá trị) and love our people.”

Hãy cảnh giác với taxi Uber Sài Gòn?

liệu có thể cùng rủ nhau off khỏi hệ thống, tạo khan hiếm cung, để có surge price mới vào lại,
According to the study. drivers manipulate Uber's algorithm by logging out of the app at the same time, making it think that there is a shortage of cars.


The study said drivers have been coordinating forced surge pricing, after interviews with drivers in London and New York, and research on online forums such as In a post on the website for drivers, seen by the researchers, one person said: "Guys, stay logged off until surge. Less supply high demand = surge."

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