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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Gaslighting nghĩa là gì?

Grand Hotel Sitea, Turin. Photo courtesy N i c o l a.

nhắc tới vở kịch "Gas Light" năm 1938, ông chồng manipulate bà vợ, liên tục thay đổi những chi tiết (rất) nhỏ của môi trường xung quanh, khi vợ thấy có gì đó bất thường thì chồng thuyết phục/trấn an 'không có gì', 'em sai rồi', và nói với người thân là vợ bị điên, dần dần vợ tự hoài nghi chính mình, như chiếc đèn (lamp) đã bị ông chồng vặn mờ đi vậy...
Back in 1938, there was a play called “Gas Light” that was later adapted into a movie in 1944. In the story, a husband works diligently to convince his wife and their acquaintances that she is insane by making very small and subtle changes to their environment. When the wife would point out the changes, the husband convinced her that she was wrong about the changes and that she was crazy. Slowly but surely, the wife starts to give in to the self-doubt created by those subtle changes, namely a gas lamp that the husband keeps dimming, hence the term “gaslighting“.

"Empty pockets" nghĩa là gì?

Beggars* (1908). Haukeland Hospital, Bergen. Photo courtesy Bosc d'Anjou.

'Empty pockets' nghĩa là túi rỗng.

Ví dụ
That spiel (bài thanh minh, bài diễn văn) however doesn't take into consideration my empty pockets. Maybe I'll just put it on my bucket list.

As a boy with empty pockets, he sang it for the ice cream man and was compensated with two pieces of sour apple bubblegum.

Alberta's Minister of Education is gearing up for another school year and says parents won't be feeling such empty pockets.

This empty-pockets explorer describes her moneyless adventure "the ultimate retreat." And yet she does stay connected — through a blog she updates from time to time, and on Facebook, which she uses to highlight certain memorable moments, like the time her family sent her a package of moldy cheese.

Phạm Hạnh

* Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943)

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