"Pig iron" nghĩa là gì?

Power can turn you into a pig. Photo courtesy Ralf Steinberger.

'Pig iron' = crude iron as first obtained from a smelting furnace, in the form of oblong blocks -> nghĩa là gang, mẻ kim loại.

Ví dụ
Brazilian pig iron export prices remained unchanged this week, but rumors of shipments being booked at lower prices have started to be heard.

We believe the increased competitiveness may prompt Chinese steelmakers to boost merchant pig iron (MPI) imports in times when local pig iron/hot metal production slows down.

Buyers in the US, the largest global consumer of merchant pig iron, started to restock in mid-May, when scrap prices became clear for May. All cargoes were booked at $405-410 per tonne cfr from CIS and Brazilian suppliers.

Following a month-long market consultation, the European and CIS pig iron prices have been amended to include manganese content in the pig iron. Payment terms and minimum order size have been revised in line with current market conditions.

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