"Shrinking violet" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Yann Cœuru.

'Shrinking violet' nghĩa là người nhút nhát, người hay xấu hổ, người bẽn lẽn (an exaggeratedly shy person).

Ví dụ
Dua Lipa proves she's no shrinking violet in plunging purple metallic gown (áo dài, áo choàng) at Billboard Music Awards.

Seth MacFarlane has not exactly been a shrinking violet over the years when it comes to scrutinizing (xem xét kỹ, nghiên cứu cẩn thận) his own home network, Fox.

It is safe to say that Russia defender Ilya Kutepov is no shrinking violet and he has proven that with a fiery press conference in which he took aim at everyone from Luis Suarez to Mohamed Salah.

He had his own electrical business which was successful and also worked the doors in Bray, which sometimes drew him into physical confrontations (đối đầu, chạm trán). In that he was also fearless and was known in the Bray area to be no shrinking violet.

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