"Blood fluke" nghĩa là gì?

Red worm? Photo courtesy Alan Levine.

'Blood fluke' nghĩa là sán lá trong máu (a schistosome is a parasitic (sống ăn bám, ký sinh) trematode (sán lá) worm).

Ví dụ
Blood flukes, or schistosomes, are parasitic flatworms that can live inside people for decades (hàng thập kỷ), and they make a rather gruesome journey to get there — after hatching in water contaminated by feces, the parasites hitch a ride into the human body on a tiny snail host that burrows through skin.

Discovered by biologist Thomas Platt last year, B. obamai is a blood fluke, a tiny flatworm that resides in the blood vessels of the lungs of its hosts, Malaysian freshwater turtles. Its presence can cause at best mild inflammation and at worst paralysis or death.

If you go wading into a blood fluke-infested pond, the missile-shaped flukes will sniff their way to your skin and drill in. Once they reach a blood vessel they surf the sanguine tide until they reach your intestines (ruột non). They take up residence in the blood vessels there, producing eggs that they nudge into the intestinal walls. The eggs get washed out of the body with their host’s stool, perhaps to infect a freshwater snail. Sometimes, however, the eggs get swept off in the wrong direction and wind up in the liver (gan), where they cause chronic inflammation (viêm kinh niên).

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