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Friday, March 16, 2018

"Why marry, when your neighbor's wife is ready to go to bed with you?" nghĩa là gì?

'Why marry, when your neighbor's wife is ready to go to bed with you?'
~ ngạn ngữ Nga

= tại sao phải lấy vợ, khi vợ thằng hàng xóm sẵn sàng lên giường với mình?

văn mình vợ người... Photo courtesy

Bài trước: "There is nothing better than a rich wife and a generous mother-in-law" nghĩa là gì?

Bạn có biết cún cưng thích chơi gì nhất không?

dương vật giả của cô chủ :)

Jonny Dean-Hastie, 39, and his husband Chris Hastie, 36, let the highly-strung greyhound labrador cross called Pi keep it as a last resort as he had destroyed all his other toys. But the four-year-old then became obsessed with the dildo, bought by Chris’ ex-partner several years ago, after they took turns throwing it for him and it stuck to a door at their home in Perth, Australia.

...We would throw it through the house for Pi to chase after and one day it hit the back of the door. It was an absolute fluke, the dildo had become suckered to the door and Pi ran over and tried to pull it off. ‘He had his mouth round it and tried for ages, I was in hysterics (hết sức buồn cười, hết sức ngộ nghĩnh, mắc chứng cuồng loạn), absolute hysterics. ‘It kept him amused for ages, he was having ago at it for about 30 minutes so we went to watch TV. ‘I’d like to be able to say we set up the picture and stuck the dildo to the wall but we didn’t, it was such a funny moment.

"Play ducks and drakes" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Melanie Robertson.

'Play ducks and drakes' nghĩa là ném thia lia (a pastime in which flat stones or shells are thrown across water so as to skip over the surface several times before sinking) và nghĩa khác là xử lý khinh suất, thiếu thận trọng, liều lĩnh; lãng phí, phung phí (to handle recklessly; squander).

Ví dụ
The HSE has been accused of "playing ducks and drakes" with a coroner's office over the death of a baby who died hours after she was born.

Both the Danis - Carvajal and Cabellos, missed their share of chances too as Madrid played ducks and drakes. The fact that they enjoyed 68% percent of possession (cầm bóng) and mustered (tập họp, tập trung) 8 shots at goal, four of which were on target (trúng cầu môn), makes the scoreline even less impressive.

Prime Minister Modi and Mr Jaitley are well within their rights to play political ducks and drakes with the GST, and hope to garner electoral victories. But the damage that these changes do to the economy are immense.

"This region was turned into a den of terrorists, militants and 'Bangla Bhai'," she said adding that simultaneously entire country witnessed serial bombings at 500 points in 2005 alone as BNP "played ducks and drakes with the peoples fate".

Phạm Hạnh

Câu chuyện tình yêu

cô dâu tương lai bị bắt vì lái xe khi say rượu trên đường đến đám cưới của mình,

-> lái xe cẩn thận chứ, 'chỉ có cái chết mới chia lìa 2 đứa' đâu cần nhanh đến vậy

Most brides dream of the perfect wedding, complete with beautiful bouquets and limousine arrivals.

Things went a little differently for one bride-to-be in Marana, Arizona. Amber Young, 32, is facing a DUI charge after causing a three-vehicle crash on her way to her wedding, she was arrested in the field and released after submitting to a blood test.

One person suffered minor injures in the crash.

It is not known if Young made it to her wedding in time. "Don't drive impaired. Till death do we part doesn't need any help".

Bài trước: Hẹn hò kinh dị

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