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Friday, April 6, 2018

"A husband and wife often fight intensely at one moment and then kiss intensely at the next moment" nghĩa là gì?

'A husband and wife often fight intensely at one moment and then kiss intensely at the next moment'
~ ngạn ngữ Đài Loan

= chồng và vợ thường cãi nhau kịch liệt rồi lại hôn nhau nồng thắm ngay sau đó

vừa cãi nhau xong... Photo courtesy Giuseppe Milo.

"Throw me to the dogs" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Rachael Taft.

'Throw (somebody) to the dogs' = quẳng (ai) cho chó tha -> nghĩa là đổ lỗi cho họ để tránh trách nhiệm, tránh bị chỉ trích (to avoid blame, trouble, or criticism by allowing someone else to take responsibility).

Ví dụ
I remember [senior Anglo figure] Bill Barrett bringing me to the dogs to see if I had any vices, like did I own any greyhounds or was I a gambler.

Azarya protested in court that following the release of the video showing him shooting al-Sharif, then defense minister Moshe Yaalon and the army's chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot “threw me to the dogs for fear of the journalists, the media, who showed a biased film clip.”

David Shapira lied to the court,” the court heard two days after he accused them of “throwing me to the dogs.” When he was asked why, in his opinion, Shapira would have lied, Azaria answered: “He is scared of what the world will say and because he is about to start a new job.”

Phạm Hạnh

Cứ tiếp tục

thu thập và tích lũy tinh trùng tê giác trong 15 năm qua, giờ đến lúc nhân giống bằng phương pháp thụ tinh nhân tạo để loài này khỏi tuyệt chủng...

For over 20 years, Thomas Hildebrandt has harboured a dream: to save the northern white rhinoceros, the world’s rarest large mammal. On Monday the scientist received the devastating news that Sudan, the last male of the species, had been put down in his northern Kenyan home, aged 45. 

...Prof Hildebrandt is head of reproduction management at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in the eastern suburbs of Berlin. He holds the keys to rescuing the species, discovered in Belgian Congo by the British geologist (nhà địa chất) Richard Lydekker in 1908, when there were hundreds of thousands of the animals, before it was hunted to virtual extinction (tuyệt chủng) for its valuable horn (sừng).

Unlocking the door of a nondescript concrete block at the institute this week, Hildebrandt showed off a cryogenic tank in which 300ml of northern white rhino semen (tinh trùng) is stored in liquid nitrogen at -196C. Hildebrandt has been collecting the samples with colleagues for about 15 years. He couldn’t expose the samples, “because it’s just too delicate,” he said, “it’s truly priceless. Part of the world’s cultural heritage.”

Lợi ích của âm nhạc

chữa rối loạn cương dương, rất tiềm năng...

Move aside, Viagra — there’s a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, and it’s, well, shocking.

The procedure, called GainsWave, zaps tens of thousands of sound waves through a man’s penis to improve blood flow and enable erections. Scary as it sounds, urologists (bác sĩ khoa tiết niệu) and sexual-health proponents are getting excited about it.

... Its proponents say the sound wave pulses cause new blood vessels and nerve tissue to grow within the penis, enabling better blood flow and possibly improving tissue sensitivity.

Khi quan tòa thú tội

thường xuyên đột nhập vào nhà và ăn cắp... quần lót thiếu nữ 23 tuổi hàng xóm

A Long Island judge who police say repeatedly broke into his neighbor's home to steal her underwear has confessed to snatching panties on multiple occasions, even though he has pleaded not guilty.

Still, Suffolk County District Judge Robert Cicale has been removed from the bench and is facing up to 15 years in prison.

Cicale was arrested on burglary charges and appeared in court Friday morning.

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