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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Take a hair of the dog that bit you" nghĩa là gì?

morning after gin & tonic. Photo courtesy Mislav Marohnić.

'Take a hair of the dog that bit you' = lấy cái lông của con chó (dại) đã cắn bạn (để sắc thuốc uống, thì sẽ lành bệnh) -> nghĩa là lấy độc trị độc (It comes from an old belief that someone bitten by a rabid dog could be cured of rabies by taking a potion containing some of the dog's hair); thức uống để giải rượu (for an alcoholic drink taken to cure a hangover).

Ví dụ
If your New Year’s celebrations are continuing into the next day – let’s say for brunch – try to ease your hangover with “hair of the dog.”

The original old wives’ tale said that if you swallowed (nuốt) a hair of the dog that bit you, you wouldn’t end up with rabies (bệnh dại). And pouring alcohol back into your system helps you get over a hangover (dư vị khó chịu khi uống nhiều rượu, vết tích, tàn tích).

Now the fast food giant (Burger King) has been given the green light to sell beer alongside its food in the UK for the first time ever. This now heralds (báo trước, báo hiệu, chào đón) a new era (kỷ nguyên mới) where you can get banjoed – or indeed take a hair of the dog that bit you – in the delightful company of a whopper (vật to lớn khác thường, lời nói dối trơ trẽn, lời nói láo không ngượng mồm) and fries.

Phạm Hạnh

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