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Monday, May 14, 2018

Dog-cheap nghĩa là gì?

tha hồ bay đêm... Photo courtesy Kim.

Dog-cheap = for a very low price -> nghĩa là rẻ mạt, rẻ như bèo.

Ví dụ
For its dog cheap P1,288 price tag, the Starmobile Play Click provides a decent, bare-minimum, no frills smartphone that doesn’t look like a total eyesore.

Any time I try to look for something vintage that I think I might be able to retrofit for smaller playing-card sizes (because they’re dog cheap in bulk), I wind up pulling a ton of results for scrapbooking punches.

"Pills and condoms are dog cheap here at the NFPB," said Thomas, who explained that one month's supply of oral (đường miệng, uống) contraceptives (thuốc tránh thụ thai) cost only $20, and condoms are for $10 each.

Higher interest rates hurt bond proxies, bad-balance sheets dog cheap stocks and lofty valuations haunt companies with strong earnings growth, pushing investors to the momentum trade by default.

Phạm Hạnh

Khó tính thế

bảo tàng loại tấm ảnh đoạt giải 'động vật trong thiên nhiên' năm 2017 vì phát hiện ra là chụp/dựng hình... thú nhồi bông :D

Britain's Natural History Museum has disqualified (loại không cho thi, tuyên bố không đủ tư cách) a photograph from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition (cuộc thi) after concluding that the image of an anteater (thú ăn kiến) moving toward a termite mound (tổ mối) at night involved a taxidermy (nhồi bông) specimen.

...The museum says it had been contacted by anonymous sources who questioned the image's authenticity. Experts compared the image to high-resolution pictures of a taxidermy anteater on display at one of the entrances to the Emas National Park.

Five scientists were asked independently to compare the taxidermy anteater to the one in the photograph. They all concluded "elements of the animal's posture (tư thế, dáng điệu, đặc điểm, dáng bộ; thái độ, cách nhìn), morphology (hình thái học), raised tufts of fur and patterns on the neck and head that are too similar for the images to show two different animals," according to the museum.

Bài trước: Nhân viên của năm

Nhân viên của năm

chở khoai tây chiên giao khách hàng, bị lạc trong rừng 4 ngày, mà không động một miếng nào...

When Oregon truck driver Jacob Cartwright first set out on Tuesday to deliver a shipment of potato chips, he never expected to emerge from the wilderness (vùng hoang vu, hoang dã, nơi vắng vẻ tiêu điều, nơi hoang tàn) four days later — on foot.

And, despite being lost in the woods, the 22-year-old didn’t touch the chips he was transporting, said his boss, Roy A. Henry, the owner of Little Trees Transportation.

...his GPS system sent him up the wrong road and into a “remote and mountainous location,” the Oregon State Police said.

Henry said Cartwright entered the wrong address, but because he’d never been in that town before, he couldn’t tell whether he was going the right way or not. He continued following the GPS, not knowing he was going the wrong way.

Chỉ còn mỗi cách này

bắn bạn cùng phòng do điên tiết vì có quá nhiều lông mèo trên ghế sofa...

Craig Tull is facing charges of robbery with a firearm, shooting into a dwelling, aggravated battery (hành hung, bạo hành) and aggravated assault following the incident early Wednesday at his central Florida home.

...According to court documents, Tull fired in the direction of the roommate and said, "the next one's going to be you." Tull then jabbed (đâm mạnh, thọc mạnh) the gun into the roommate's rib cage (lồng ngực), causing minor cuts and bruises (vết thâm tím)...

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