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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dog-eared nghĩa là gì?

The complexity of the mind, and the cosmos with which it is inextricably and mysteriously bound up. Photo courtesy Quinn Dombrowski.

Dog-eared = the corner of a page of a book that has been turned down to mark one's place -> nghĩa là nếp gấp đánh dấu sách; mòn, sờn.

Ví dụ
And Snoopy? That dog-eared script was awarded to Zander Martin, last at BCT in last spring's "Forever Plaid" in The Stew.

While we felt pretty snazzy (mốt, hợp thời trang) with our travel pram (= buggy, xe đẩy trẻ em) that folded up into overhead bin size, we had to tip our hats to the genius set-up of one family: dad standing in bulkhead (vách ngăn) reading a dog-eared paperback, a sleeping four-month-old strapped to his chest; mum spread across the two economy seats with her feet up #goals.

In 1661, Sweden became the first European country to print banknotes; several centuries later, it might become the first country to get rid of them. Card readers and mobile-payment apps are now used even in situations that were once reserved for dog-eared bills and pocket change, like donating in church. Buses in Sweden don’t accept cash. Neither do many street vendors.

Phạm Hạnh

Cải tiến cách thu tiền nước

khách hàng "chầy cối" không trả 810 usd tiền nước, công ty dùng cần cẩu đặt khối bê tông 3 tấn, cao 1,5m với dòng chữ 'một con nợ sống ở đây' trước cửa biệt thự -> 'nôn' tiền ra luôn :)

Samara Utility Systems Ltd. had long been trying to get the unnamed resident of Zubchaninovka village, in Russia’s Samara region, to pay his 50,000 ruble ($810) debt for unpaid water bills.

...Employees of Samara Utility Systems unloaded the “debt pyramid” in front of the debtor’s house yesterday, under the surprised (ngạc nhiên) and confused (bối rối, ngượng) eyes of the man’s embarrassed (bối rối, ngượng ngùng, xấu hổ) family and their neighbors. The heavy reminder featured slogans like “A Debtor Lives Here” and “You Must Pay Your Water Bill” on all four sides which the company hoped would be embarrassing enough to convince the man to finally settle his debt.

A spokesperson of the utility company said that it would remove the debt pyramid as soon as the man paid his dues, adding that they were so pleased with the experiment that they plan to move the pyramid to another debtor’s house, of which there are many in Samara. The company has over 1.2 billion rubles to collect from its clients, and plans to use the pyramid and other non-standard methods to do so.

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