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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Giờ em đã biết

khủng long không... thè lưỡi được

More than question dinosaurs' ability to make funny -- or fearsome -- faces, the new study, published in the journal PLOS One, also suggests an increase in the diversity and mobility of tongues could help explain the origins of flight.

...When Li and his colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Texas compared the hyoid bones (xương móng) of dinosaurs with those of alligators (cá sấu châu Mỹ), crocodiles (cá sấu châu Phi), pterosaurs (thằn lằn bay) and modern birds, they found dinosaurs' hyoid bones were most similar to the hyoid bones of alligators and crocodiles.

The bones, which support the tongue muscle, were short and simple, providing the tongue limited mobility.

"In most extinct dinosaurs their tongue bones are very short," said Julia Clarke, professor at Texas' Jackson School of Geosciences. "And in crocodilians with similarly short hyoid bones, the tongue is totally fixed to the floor of the mouth."


9.000 thùng uýt-xki bị rơi do tòa nhà ở xưởng nấu rượu kentucky đổ

The building, which holds up to 20,000 barrels, was having a wall repaired. The collapse brought down half of the structure.

It is unclear whether the bourbon spilled from the containers, but a nearby creek (lạch, sông con, nhánh sông) was of concern because of the structure's position on a hill (đồi). Representatives from the state's Department for Environmental Protection were dispatched (phái, cử đến) to the scene (hiện trường).

Bài trước: Cho xin một cốc

Tình bạn sâu đậm

bị tai nạn xe máy, phải cắt bỏ chân -> xin bác sĩ mang về, và tẩm mỡ dưa hành, mời 10 bạn tới xơi

...He then went on to discuss how he had damaged his foot irreparably during a horrific (kinh khủng, kinh khiếp) motorcycle accident (tai nạn) and was told he would never be able to walk on it again.

Opting to have it amputated (cắt bỏ (một chi có bệnh hoặc bị tổn thương) bằng phẫu thuật), he asked the doctors if he could keep it and they said yes.

Religious laws in the US give people permission to retain amputated body parts so that they can be buried whole.

After signing some papers, the man was able to take his foot home.

Three weeks later he was preparing for a very unique dinner party, complete with apple strudel (bánh ngọt làm bằng trái cây tẩm đường... cuộn trong bột mỏng đem nướng), chocolate cake, mimosas and the main attraction - foot tacos.

...10 guests agreed to attend.

The foot was marinated (ướp) overnight, then sauteed with onions, peppers, salt, pepper and lime juice.

He served it on corn tortillas with a tomato sauce and described the taste as being like buffalo but chewier.

Bài trước: Chút tình muộn màng

Thung lũng hoa Hồ Tây – “vườn địa đàng” giữa lòng Hà Nội

tin nhắn tới book club lúc 3:51 sáng
nơi lý tưởng để thiền
đến điểm hẹn sớm
team xe đạp
đôi bạn chạy bộ

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Không thể nằm trong tay dân thường

người đàn ông ném ghế toilet vào nhà vợ cũ :D

Police charged an Upstate man they say threw a toilet seat at his ex-wife's home. The toilet seat bounced off the window of the back door and hit the driver's side door of the victim's Toyota Camry, causing scratches (xây xát, vết xước) to the paint (sơn xe). The victim told police Benton has been harassing (quấy rối) her for a month. The victim's boyfriend said Benton also dumped trash all over the yard on one occasion.

Jerry Ray Benton, 60, of Union, is charged with malicious (hiểm độc, ác tâm, cố tình làm hại) damage to property, according to an arrest warrant from the Union Public Safety Department.

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