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Sunday, August 5, 2018

"On the wrong side of the door" nghĩa là gì?

A tourist girl in Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal. Photo courtesy Pedro Ribeiro Simões.

'On the wrong side of the door' nghĩa là bị nhốt ở ngoài.

Ví dụ
UK service providers may, however, find themselves standing on the wrong side of the door once Brexit becomes a reality.

She plays a girl in the supremacist gang who joined out of desperation — she wanted to belong to a family — but hadn’t bargained on homicide and is now on the wrong side of the door.

Most of us forget all about hotel Do Not Disturb signs until the 10 a.m. housekeeping knock disturbs our jet-lagged slumber and we realize, too late, that it's hanging on the wrong side of the door.

The true ‘readiness’ comes from doing not from preparing to do. You are only ready once you’ve already walked three steps forward through the door, not when you’re sat on the wrong side of the door looking at it and waiting to be ready. Don’t wait for ready, it might never come. Be brave and move forward. You’re never truly ready until you start, so start.

Phạm Hạnh

Thời gian thử việc tối đa bao nhiêu ngày?

job audition dưới 2 giờ là ok; quá thời gian đó sẽ thành (công ty) đang "lợi dụng ứng viên", "được tư vấn miễn phí" từ ứng viên,
...Candidates are often asked to work on “audition” projects without pay, or with only minimal compensation, and sometimes invest considerable amounts of time. They’re also asked to offer up their intellectual property without guarantee of a job — or any sort of compensation.

...The amount of time required. If the project will take you no more than two hours, that’s a fair request. (Any more than that is unpaid consulting.) Because some candidates may spend more time than you do, make sure you tell your prospective employer how long it took you to complete the task. If you could only afford an hour, but other candidates spent 10 hours, they may be more impressed with what you managed to do in a short amount of time. “I actually enjoy design challenges,” Alexis Kraus, a UX Content Strategist at Dell, told me in an email. “I make sure I’m focusing on explaining my process more than polished execution, as I have gotten better feedback that way.”

Có nên đánh thuế robot?

lý do vì robot lấy mất jobs,

thật vậy ư, như bảng tính điện tử lấy mất việc của kế toán viên(?), như vậy cần đánh thuế những ai sử dụng microsoft excel, hay đánh thuế vì sở hữu smart phone...
...Spreadsheet software redefined what it meant to be an accountant. Spreadsheets were once a literal thing: two-page spreads in a paper ledger. Fill them in, and make sure all the rows and columns add up. The output of several spreadsheets would then be the input for some larger, master spreadsheet. Making an alteration might require hours of work with a pencil, eraser, and desk calculator.

Once a computer programmer named Dan Bricklin came up with the idea of putting the piece of paper inside a computer, it is easy to see why digital spreadsheets caught on almost overnight.

But did the spreadsheet steal jobs? Yes and no. It certainly put a sudden end to a particular kind of task — the task of calculating, filling in, checking and correcting numbers on paper spreadsheets. National Public Radio’s Planet Money programme concluded that in the 35 years after Mr Bricklin’s VisiCalc was launched, the US lost 400,000 jobs for book-keepers and accounting clerks.

Meanwhile, 600,000 jobs appeared for other kinds of accountant. Accountancy had become cheaper and more powerful, so people demanded more of it.

What does a robot accountant look like? Not C-3PO with a pencil sharpener, that’s for sure. One might say that Microsoft Excel is a robot accounting clerk...

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