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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Lễ ra mắt VPĐD Tạp chí "Doanh nghiệp và Hội nhập" vùng Tây Bắc

Bài trước: Khói Bếp 2 - Lẩu Gà Ri & Cua Đồng ở quận Hoàng Mai

"On this side of the grave" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Gaetano Virgallito.

'On this side of the grave' = bên này ngôi mộ -> nghĩa là (khi) hãy còn sống (during life; before one dies).

Ví dụ
Choose courage, not over cowardice (hèn nhát), but over kow-towing (khấu đầu). Because if you do, maybe Seamus Heaney’s “longed-for tidal wave of justice can rise up,” and on this side of the grave.

We should see this passage as early Jewish Christians recognizing their own, internal dividedness, not simply within their families but within themselves. It is a division that remains in every human heart on this side of the grave.

The Catechism (sách giáo lý vấn đáp) teaches that all sin brings with it a temporal (trần tục, thế tục) punishment which remains even after forgiveness. But it can be purged (làm tinh khiết, thanh tẩy) on this side of the grave through good deeds, prayer and penance (sự sám hối, ăn năn), or, after death, by a period in purgatory (nơi luyện ngục, nơi chuộc tội).

Announcing sentence, Judge Baron Vaughan said: “Under a case so clear, so wicked and so vile, the kindest service I can render to you, John Highfield, is to tell you that on this side of the grave the gates of mercy are barred against you forever. And I do entreat you, most seriously and affectionately – for the grave is now opening to receive you – to lose no time in going upon your knees to supplicate the throne of grace for peace and pardon.”

Phạm Hạnh

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