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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

"With a high hand" nghĩa là gì?

United we conquered*. Photo courtesy Michael Elleray.

'With a high hand' nghĩa là ngạo mạn, độc tài; kiêu căng, hống hách (oppressively; in an overbearing or domineering manner).

Ví dụ
Its security units rule with a high hand, even though they don't necessarily enjoy the people's moral support.

That tangled relationship has not prevented the three from managing their business with a high hand for more than two decades.

The London museum, which “hit the jackpot,” comes across more as homage to Freud’s ego ideal and particularly to the father ideal of Anna Freud, who managed her father’s memorial industry with a high hand.

Two weeks ago, Harel Locker became chairman. He's bringing a new and refreshing spirit into the company, and I'm confident that after having managed the Prime Minister's Office with a high hand, he'll bring us his rich experience in getting things done and his good connections, which will be very good for the company, both in Israel and overseas.

Phạm Hạnh

* The Commando Memorial is a monument in the Scottish Highlands, dedicated to the men of the original British Commando Forces raised during World War II. Situated around a mile from Spean Bridge village, it overlooks the training areas of the Commando Training Depot established in 1942 at Achnacarry Castle.

It was unveiled in 1952 by the Queen Mother, and has become one of Scotland's best-known monuments, both as a war memorial and as a tourist attraction offering views of Ben Nevis and Aonach Mòr.

"United we conquer" is inscribed around the top of the stone plinth (bệ tượng), while the original plaque on the stone plinth reads: "In memory of the officers and men of the commandos who died in the Second World War 1939–1945. This country was their training ground."

Đàn ông học nhậu tử tế có xin phép vợ đàng hoàng

không như gã người Anh này giả vờ bị bắt cóc, thế là thành bị bắt luôn vì... lãng phí nguồn lực của cảnh sát, giam 16 tuần không được thấy mặt con khi ra đời (bạn gái đang mang thai)
A man managed to get himself jailed for 16 weeks and miss the birth of his child, after lying to his pregnant girlfriend that he had been kidnapped, just so he could get drunk with his buddies.

This kidnapping prank (trò đùa tinh nghịch/tinh quái, trò chơi khăm) gone wrong took place in January, when Leigh Ford, a 45-year-old man from Blackpool, England, made several frantic (điên cuồng, điên rồ) phone calls to his pregnant (đang mang thai) partner Zoe Doyle, telling her that he had been kidnapped (bắt cóc) and that he was going to be tortured  (bị tra tấn) unless she transferred all the money she had into the kidnappers’ bank account. At first, the woman thought he was kidding, but he sounded really scared, and there were other men shouting in the background, threatening to cut off Leigh’s legs, and pour hot water on him. So she complied, but she also called the police.

...A helicopter and a trained hostage (con tin) negotiator (đàm phán viên) were called in for what sounded like a complicated situation, but no one called again until next morning, when Leigh himself came home like nothing had ever happened.

Police were waiting for him, and after asking him a few questions, they arrested him for wasting police time and resources.

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