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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

"Open Pandora's box" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy ketrin1407.

'Open Pandora's box' nghĩa là bắt đầu một việc gì mà mang lại nhiều phiền phức không lường trước được (To begin or introduce something that leads to many other problems. A reference to the story from Greek mythology in which Pandora opens a box containing all the possible things that can affect humanity negatively).

Ví dụ
US withdrawal (rút khỏi, thu hồi) from nuclear (hạt nhân) arms treaty (hiệp ước vũ khí) will open Pandora's box.

A Trump Executive Order On Birthright Citizenship (quốc tịch ngay khi sinh) Would Open Pandora’s Box.

He said granting Britain any special exceptions could “open Pandora’s Box” and embolden (làm cho bạo dạn/bạo gan) disgruntled (bực mình, bất mãn) member states like Hungary and Poland to make similar demands.

If the EU capitulates and makes a special exception for the UK, it could well open Pandora’s Box, and lead to an escalation (leo thang) of dissent (bất đồng quan điểm, bất đồng ý kiến) within the EU, with all and sundry (mọi người) demanding their own special deals. Within this context, it becomes clear that the EU is not acting out of spite (sự giận, không bằng lòng, hận thù) or pettiness (tính nhỏ nhen, vụn vặt, đê tiện) – to them it is a matter of sheer survival.

The President is likely to open up a Pandora’s box of executive power – further transforming the U.S. into almost an elected monarchy. Congress would be turned into mere advisers, with the occasional ability to pass budgets to keep the government funded. The judiciary would have a say should the executive order be signed – but there’s no guarantee they’ll side with limiting presidential power on the issue.

Phạm Hạnh

Hết cả hứng đọc sách

vì đồng nghiệp cứ tiết lộ cái kết của sách đang đọc -> đâm luôn :D

Savitsky has told Russian investigators (nhà điều tra) that he saw red and attacked Beloguzov with a kitchen knife when he once again ruined the ending. His colleague is now reportedly in intensive care (điều trị tích cực) in hospital after being treated for a stab wound to the heart (tim). 

Savitsky is now back at home in St Petersburg under house arrest (quản thúc tại gia) after being charged with attempted murder. It is believed to the first time that a man has been charged with such a crime on the world’s loneliest continent (lục địa cô đơn nhất thế giới).

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