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Saturday, November 17, 2018

"A feast for the eyes" nghĩa là gì?

Photo courtesy Mark Strobl.

'A feast for the eyes' có từ feast là bữa tiệc/yến tiệc -> cụm từ này nghĩa là cảnh đẹp đặc biệt/nổi bật hay trải nghiệm thị giác (xem phim, lễ hội ánh sáng v.v...) rất hấp dẫn, vui thích, dễ chịu.

Ví dụ
A feast for the eyes: Will visually creative food be a new trend?

From casual to elegant, Thanksgiving table settings can be a feast for the eyes when entertaining guests this holiday with a few easy ideas.

Every frame is a feast for the eyes, with almost otherworldly versions of London, New York and Paris. These are dreamlike even when shrouded (bao phủ, che khuất) in dark grey mists (sương mù, màn che), including the majestic buildings that house the respective Ministries of Magic and the exquisite costume design.

Visual social network Instagram is a feast for the eyes – particularly for those who love traveling. The platform now has more than 1 billion active monthly users, who post more than 100 million photos each day. And a large percentage of those photos are travel-related.

Phạm Hạnh

Hãng hàng không và những cách phục vụ dễ thương

nữ tiếp viên cho con của hành khách (hết sữa công thức) bú :)

A flight attendant (nữ tiếp viên) went the extra mile for a mother who had run out of formula to feed her baby on a domestic flight in the Philippines.

...Organo said she knew the flight was going to be significant. Not only was she qualified on that flight for the role of cabin crew evaluator but she also "got to help."

"Thank you, Lord for the gift of mother's milk," she wrote.

Breastfeeding has numerous health benefits for babies. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it lowers the risks of some infections, Type 2 diabetes and asthma (bệnh hen, suyễn) -- to name but a few.

But the US Food and Drug Administration recommends checking with a doctor before feeding a baby breast milk from another mother.

Feeding a baby milk from a woman who is not the mother risks exposing the child to infectious (hay lây, lây nhiễm; nhanh chóng ảnh hưởng đến người khác, có thể lan truyền sang người khác) diseases (bệnh), "to chemical contaminants (chất gây ô nhiễm), such as some illegal drugs, and to a limited number of prescription drugs that might be in the human milk," according to the FDA's website.

Nổi lửa lên em

hai cô dâu để áo cưới bốc lửa

...The women are both variety entertainers and say fire-eating and fire-breathing are among their talents so they were prepared and took safety precautions.

"You may now light the brides,” the officiant said just before the big moment.

Choi and Byrnes planned the day in reverse starting with the reception so they could end it with a bang.

They wore different dresses to exchange their vows.

"Seeing the other person lit on fire is definitely a little more nerve-wracking, because you can’t see yourself get lit,” Byrnes said.

Bài trước: Đúng theo lý thuyết

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