Journey in Life: Cứ xem đó như trò đùa

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cứ xem đó như trò đùa

cô dâu bắt các phù dâu phải kiểm tra qua máy nói dối, sau khi thông tin về cân nặng (để may áo cưới) bị rò rỉ :D

A bride has disowned one of her closest pals after details of her weight-bassed wedding dress (áo cưới dựa trên cân nặng) code were leaked (rò rỉ, lộ ra).

The furious (giận dữ, điên tiết) woman made all of her bridesmaids take a lie detector test after seeing the details had been shared widely online.

During the test one of her friends admitted (thú nhận) sharing the screengrab on social media, and the bride quickly "removed her from the property".


  1. I would give this bride a thick book on etiquette, but she may not be literate.

  2. Typical of the “me” and “selfie” generation; totally self-centered.

  3. If the groom has more than two functioning brain cells, he'll run far, far away from this nut. I also think Stephanie is the winner in this one.