"Everything under the sun" nghĩa là gì?

Con gái mỗi lần đi đâu là như mang cả thế giới theo. Photo by Arthur Edelman on Unsplash
"Everything under the sun" = tất cả mọi thứ trên đời, cũng là tất cả những khả năng khác nhau, những thứ chúng ta có thể tưởng tượng ra, nhiều đến mức dư thừa. 

Ví dụ 
We were only going to be camping (cắm trại) for two nights, but she still insisted (khăng khăng) on bringing everything under the sun along with us. 

Echobot's exploit (khai thác) selection is, indeed, a smorgasbord (bữa buffet) of several vulnerabilities (nhược điểm). It targets everything under the sun, from security cameras to DVRs, and from signage TVs to WeMo devices. 

The Trump administration is once again obsessed with Iran. Without evidence (bằng chứng) or facts, the Islamic Republic (Cộng hòa Hồi giáo) is simply to be blamed for everything under the Sun. And then there is John Bolton. Are his days at the National Security Council (Hội đồng An ninh Quốc gia) numbered (chỉ còn đếm từng ngày)? 

As technology further penetrates (thâm nhập) every-day life, Voice assistants (hỗ trợ giọng nói) have come up as a good alternative (thay thế) for too-important-to-put-down smartphones. Now one can simply make calls, text, listen to music, shop call taxi and get information on almost everything under the sun, all without using a computer of any kind. This will surely make easier for the parents to get their work down without the need to depend on (phụ thuộc vào) others. 

Thu Phương 

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