"Boys will be boys" nghĩa là gì?

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'Boys will be boys' = con trai thì vẫn là con trai thôi -> bản tính thường thấy của mấy cậu con trai. Câu nói thể hiện sự bất lực, chán nản... khi cánh con trai vướng vào rắc rối, thiếu thận trọng, nghịch phá, gây rối. Chúng ta vẫn thường nghe nó như một câu chuyện thường ngày ở huyện kiểu 'ôi dào, đàn ông là thế' hay 'con trai thì nó phải nghịch chứ' :)

Ví dụ
"Boys will be boys and they're playing a tough (khó, bền bỉ, dai sức) game ... and every now and then emotions take over," Langer said.

They'll essentially cheat (lừa gạt) on you over in Casa Amor and then try to get you back when their most recent girl is out of the picture, but you can't blame them really - boys will be boys.

Lili K, 27, is a vocalist (giọn ca) who performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago in 2013 with Chance the Rapper. After a mix-up with her credentials, the security staff didn’t allow her to go into the VIP or artist entrances and sent her through the entire grounds of the festival to make her way backstage (hậu trường). On the way, she says her butt (mông) was grabbed three different times. As a result, she no longer attends festivals unless she’s got access to a safe space, like those offered by VIP and artist passes. “I think it was the boys will be boys, having fun mentality,” Lili says. “But it’s obviously not fun.”

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