"Cry eyes out" nghĩa là gì?

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"Cry (one's) eyes out" nghĩa là (ai đó) khóc rất nhiều và rất lâu, khóc hết cỡ, khóc đến "rơi cả mắt". 

Ví dụ 
In a video posted to the “Love Wins” singer’s official Instagram page on Saturday, June 22, the youngest member of the Underwood-Fisher clan (phe) cried his eyes out every time the former professional hockey player crooned (ngâm nga hát) Vince Gill‘s “I Still Believe in You.”

Starting the thread (chủ đề), which has more than 2,500 comments and being shared 32,000 times, the woman revealed her downfall (sụp đổ) was chicken nuggets (gà viên chiên). One woman said: “I was walking in the snow and snow got in my boot… I cried my eyes out.” 

Sagittarians (Nhân mã) are funny because you absolutely wouldn't expect them to be the one crying in the audience of a wedding. They are selective with who they pick to be in their inner circle (nhóm nhỏ) of best friends, but once you're there, you're there for life. The thing is, these signs (cung hoàng đạo) wouldn't cry for just any wedding. Sagittarians will be caught crying their eyes out at a best friend's wedding. 

Thu Phương 

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