"On the blink" nghĩa là gì?

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'On the blink' = trong ánh sáng chập chờn, nhấp nháy -> làm việc không được thuận lợi, có trục trặc, hành động khác lạ. Ngoài ra thi thoảng nó cũng được dùng với nghĩa 'say xỉn'.

Ví dụ
Around 10.30 pm on Saturday, runway lights went on the blink due to rainwater seepage (rò rỉ, thấm qua). This was confirmed by Air Traffic Control (ATC) officials after inspection of the airstrip at 10.35 pm.

Even from the outer fringes (mép ngoài) of the stacked main stage, where the speakers make the guitars of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory sound like a washing machine on the blink, the effect is still transcendent (siêu việt, lớn).

The story opened in a fancy (tưởng tượng) house with a swimming pool and a party in full swing. But out in the kitchen, dad (Babou Ceesay) was pressing a knife into his palm (lòng bàn tay) until the blood ran. Cut to one year earlier and a different house, a shabby terrace (hiên nhà cũ) where the fridge was on the blink and a repo (mua lại) man was quizzing dad about unpaid parking fines. A party was going on here too, this one to welcome young Isaac home from LA where he had been shooting a movie

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