"Feather in your cap" nghĩa là gì?

Hey hey, chị tốt nghiệp rồi nhá! Photo by osman alyaz from Pexels

'Feather in one's cap' = cái lông vũ cài trên mũ -> niềm tự hào của ai về những thành tựu/thành tích mà họ đạt được.

Ví dụ
“Being the top Mexican-born in major league appearances is a serious feather in your cap,” Melvin said. “Everybody has been celebrating that here. To be that durable (bền lâu), and with a couple of [major] injuries on top of it.

The award is another feather in your cap. Do you believe it could inspire (truyền cảm hứng) more people towards top take up light and folk music? "Yes, I think so. It is a great honour to receive encouragement like this at a national level."

If a gap year isn’t for you, why not consider an overseas summer a adventure? Paired with a skills programme, it would be a great thing to add to your CV and real feather in your cap! But the decision is yours, and yours alone. It’s your future. Take time to consider every possible avenue – and remember that only you know what’s best for you.

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