"Humble pie" nghĩa là gì?

Vừa ngon vừa đậm đà. Photo by Jordane Mathieu

"Humble pie" = Miếng bánh khiêm nhường -> Biết nhận sai và cố gắng sửa chữa. Thường được dùng "Eat humble pie" or "Eat crow".

Ví dụ
But in his open letter in Chinese on Weibo later that day, Sun ate humble pie. “I will take a hiatus to recover, post less on Weibo."

In contrast, Adrien Broner who Pacquiao beat badly, didn’t eat the humble pie and even claimed winning the fight against Pacquiao during their own post fight press conference (cuộc họp báo) last January which was also held at the MGM Grand Arena.

Inevitably (không thể tránh được) after decades of forecasting the weather in the Sault, you're bound to be wrong once - maybe twice. The last five days I've eaten a lot of humble pie and taken ribbing from folks about how terrible the weather forecasts have been, and rightfully so. Of the three days that I had heavy rain and storms in the forecast this past week, it only rains once and even then, only for an hour. That's barely batting .333, which may get me a starting spot on the struggling Blue Jays but won't cut it when people are looking to plan their day.

Bin Kuan

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