"A hot number" nghĩa là gì?

Cầm lửa là thành 'hot' girl ngay Photo by Alise AliNari

'A hot number' = một người rất hấp dẫn, sexy; ai đó hiện đang nổi tiếng, hợp thời trang.

Ví dụ
I asked a concertgoer how she liked the Beach Boys show. “What a fabulous concert,” she said. “Stamos was a hot number, too.” Hot number? I thought that term went out when bosses stopped asking secretaries to make the coffee.

He further added that YRF is keeping the major details about the songs under wraps, “Right now, YRF is being tight-lipped about the details. Vaani is an excellent dancer and so is Ranbir so it will be exciting to see them doing such a hot number together on screen. Vaani will have an earthy, sexy look in the song.

It's such a hot number, it seems like the judges (ban giám khảo) can hardly maintain their composure, but their raw talent drives the stunning, sultry act and earns a standing ovation (tung hô, hoan hô) from all four judges and everyone in the audience. "You guys are by far the best acrobatic (nhào lộn) act that I've seen," Julianne marvels after the show. "I am blown away." Simon goes on to compare their performance to Olympic acts and it turns out that they're actually former Olympians!

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