"In glowing terms" nghĩa là gì?

Đấy chụp ảnh cưới có tâm là phải lấy đủ hết cảnh đằng sau chứ Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk from Pexels

'In glowing terms' = bằng từ ngữ tươi sáng, sống động -> khen ngợi, ca tụng hết lời; bộ dạng, cách cư xử lạc quan, tươi vui.

Ví dụ
He had spoken in glowing terms about the Turkwel Gorge Hydro Electric Project, describing it as an engineering marvel with the potential of boosting (thúc đẩy) the country’s electricity production capacity significantly (đáng kể).

In the Sagas, horses are mentioned often and in glowing terms. In the years that have followed, the relationship between literature and horse travel in Iceland has remained strong. The most well known of these writings must be W.H. Auden and Louis MacNeice’s ‘Letters from Iceland’ (1937).

Democrats (người theo đảng Dân chủ) have rarely been paragons (hoàn hảo) of non-racism — as the era that Douthat describes in glowing terms starkly illustrates. Even the Obama presidency was defined in large part by activist pressure to get the party to end disparities (sự khác biệt) in the criminal-justice system.

Alvarez has long been talked about in glowing terms, both for the Galaxy -- with whom he signed a professional deal at age 15 -- and at the youth national team level for Mexico and the U.S. (more on that later), but after impressing (ấn tượng) with an assist in his MLS debut in March, a lot of what has been said and written on a national level has revolved around (tập trung vào) his budding "bromance" with Ibrahimovic.

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