"On nodding terms" nghĩa là gì?

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'Be on nodding terms with' = (trong) giới hạn bằng cái gật đầu (chào nhau) -> biết ai đó một cách sơ sơ, không phải bạn bè.

Ví dụ 
It also tells us that everyone within the Wellington “Beltway” knows who this guy is. That includes, of course, the Parliamentary Press Gallery, who will be on nodding terms (at least) with every staff-person in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Turner is on nodding terms with Garry Ringrose, but is a contemporary of the Irish centre’s younger brother Jack, with whom he played at school. He is adamant (cứng rắn) that he doesn’t feel any additional pressure. “Obviously the school has produced a few well known 13s; I don’t really focus on that, just focus on myself. They were big role models for me coming through school.”

Walking to Gigg Lane at 2.45pm on a Saturday and conducting a postmortem (mổ xẻ tranh luận) of the game in the social club afterwards is about community. It is about being on nodding terms with a thousand different people who, when you see them in the supermarket on a rainy Thursday night, you raise your eyebrows to them in recognition (công nhận, thừa nhận) of shared experiences in a gesture that says: “Great goal on Saturday, wasn’t it?”

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